Stuck in a Rut

5 Strategies for Getting Out of Your Own Way

By Taylor Slager

From the post-workout buzz to the feel-good exhaustion in your legs, there are a lot of reasons to love the grind…except for when you don’t.

Sometimes, you get caught in the proverbial hamster wheel of fitness. You’ve been eating well and working your tail off in the gym for several weeks and the scale hasn’t budged. You have a ton going on at work and have no energy for yourself when you finally make it home at the end of the day.

Other times, being at the gym is highly inconvenient. You pick yourself up, drive yourself in and subject yourself to the command of some twenty-something year old trainer for an hour. “You want me to do what with my leg?” Or maybe, you’ve been training at LGN for over a year and still can’t do that “stupid airplane thing on one leg.”

Look; we all get stuck. We go through phases where working out is a chore. We take one step forward, only to take three more steps back. And although it’s infuriating and sometimes downright devastating, there are some relatively easy adjustments you can make towards forward progress.

Here are 5 mindset strategies to reboot your training regime:

Think big. Regardless of what you’re training for, whether it be athletic pursuits, aesthetic goals or overall wellness, it’s important to zoom out. Too often we focus in on the snapshots, such as individual workouts or failed lifts, and inaccurately undervalue our progress.

Trust the process. Your coaches at LGN do the research so that you don’t have to. We’ve studied anatomy, energy systems, movement patterns and programming to effectively build well-rounded, results-driven training programs. Trust that we have your best interest in mind and commit to showing up often and working hard.

Modifications are not punishments. Regarding physical exercise, we believe that you should first move well, then move often, then move with increased intensity. Sometimes, what is written in the group program for the day is not the best movement or the most appropriate intensity for you.  If we ask you to alter a movement in your workout, remember that it is simply done so with your success in mind.

Open a dialogue. In a training environment like LGN, communication is key. We are better equipped to do our jobs when you let us know about your sleep deprivation or that clicking sensation in your shoulder. Don’t feel like you’re being a bother; we always have time to touch-base and make recommendations for your training session or continued care.

Be a student. We are willing and excited to teach you everything we know about exercise and wellness, but only if you’ll let us. If we tell you something that is contradictory to information you’ve received from other trainers or exercise programs over the years, ask us about it. We enjoy discussing the minutia of a back squat or explaining why we don’t pull Olympic lifts from the floor.

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