Supplement of the Month: FloraMend Prime Probiotic

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GI Support, Metabolism

Micobiome is the bacteria and other organisms that inhabit the gut, plus the genetic material and metabolites associated with these bacteria. Mounting evidence supports the influence of the gut microbiome in weight management.

The following three characteristics make FloraMend Prime Probiotic optimally effective: (1) it’s viable at room temperature; (2) it withstands stomach acid, so it’s not degraded before it reaches the intestines; and (3) it’s formulated to be distributed throughout the intestinal tract where it can adhere and reproduce.

When taken daily, FloraMend helps promote a healthy gut microbiota that supports a wide variety of health benefits – from GI support, to weight management, to immune function. FloraMend is dairy-free and is provided as a convenient, once daily supplement.

Recommended Use

Thorne Research recommends taking 1 tablet daily, with a meal.


If pregnant or breast feeding, please seek the recommendation or your physician before taking FloraMend Prime Probiotic.

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